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· by Tatiana Helegdova ·
My name is


Hi I’m Tatiana and I have been a photographer for more than ten years. It's been quite the amazing ride. Every day I feel so fortunate to have a career in a field I am passionate about. While camera is my medium, I’m mostly excited about people. My goal with every client, no matter the occasion, is that they feel relaxed and beautiful inside and out and this is why I’ve expanded into make-up artistry.

I love teaming up with models, makeup brands, or anyone looking to learn more about makeup to create fun, inspiring, and creative looks. Please get in touch for further details on my beautiful photography and make-up styles.

Motivated, dedicated, kind and professional photographer and makeup artist, Tatiana Helegdova began her career ten years ago when she was hired for her first photo shoot job in Rhodes, Greece by LIME PHOTOGRAPHY, doing work for photo shoots, fashion shows and countless weddings. She expanded into other areas like covering extreme sports events in Sardinia, Italy.

Career: Her passion and aptitude for beauty have been clearly apparent her entire life, hence she chased her dreams of being a makeup artist to Prague where she was trained at the MAKE-UP INSTITUTE PRAGUE. Totally addicted to her job, both as a photographer and make-up artist, you will find Tatiana making the world a more beautiful place.

Who´s behind?

The Team

What it look like


FASHION / MAKE-UP Commercial / People

Highlights clothing and other fashion products in exciting and memorable ways.

Fashion photographers work closely with models and fashion designers to conceptualize and shoot photos that showcase fashions as effectively as possible.

SPORT PHOTOGRAPHYCommercial / People

Take fast action photos at outdoor and indoor sporting events.

Every location provides its own unique challenges, and you need to be able to pick your battles and rise to the occasion.

outdoor / indoor / events Commercial / People

(OUTDOOR) We takes you through a series of locations and situations demonstrating lighting, posing and composition tips and techniques all along the way.

(INDOOR) Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it! We walks through every step of the process from selecting the right gear, through capturing great shots, to retouching the photos to make them look their very best, work efficiently, and get the job done with professional results.

WEDDINGSCommercial / People

It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage (for announcements, portrait displays, or thank you cards) as well as coverage of the wedding and reception.

All along the way we share our very best tips and techniques for planning, preparing, and getting the most out of this special day.

MAKE-UP BY TATYCommercial / People

Make up artristy is passion to create the world a more beautiful place. Providing: Nude Make-up, Evening Make-up, Wedding make-up, Fashion Make-up, Special Effects.

What I accually can do for you


Professional photography

I provide flexible photographic services of uncompromised quality. If you need a reliable partner in organising your ambitious photo shoot, you’ve found the right place!


Whether it is weddings, portraits, events or something entirely different, I can help you spend less time editing and more time enjoying your life.


My professional makeup services are a beauty accessory. Subtle, just enough or bold.


Capture special moments. Videos and photos from holidays, wedding, event or celebration, you want to remember and make happy loved ones. I create special video or short movie..

If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.

― Albert Einstein

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

― Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity is the glory of expression.

― Walt Whitman
Where to find us


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Tatiana Helegdová

+421 908 135 482
+420 776 566 616